Beat Cellulite - No Creams or Lotions Required

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had an amazing week. I’ve been posting a lot about preparing for summer in my Fitness and Health Blog and then I realized… CELLULITE! It plagues even the youngest and skinniest of us. =[ Working out doesn’t eliminate cellulite, it can actually make it worse because when the muscle is developed it can squish the fat making it more visible! Pinterest is flooded with anti-cellulite cream this, DIY cellulite treatment that and the reviews don’t have raving fans. I’ve been reading a lot lately about the benefits of dry brushing and it’s the highest rated for cellulite reduction, toning and tightening of skin. Dry brushing isn’t just for the physical benefits either, it actually Increases circulation, cell renewal, digestion, kidney function and lymphatic drainage (draining of toxins)! So it’s healthy. I just got my dry brush so I’m going to start ASAP!

What kind of dry brush to get: I ordered this dry brush on amazon – it’s all natural and made with vegetable fiber bristles. You want something stiff but not too rough. The bristles should be natural not synthetic.

How often: It’s recommended to dry brush daily, up to 2x per day and not just your cellulite prone areas, your entire body! It’s called dry brushing for a reason, so do it in the am before your shower and at night before bed.

What direction: Always brush towards your heart in long sweeps, not back and forth. BE GENTLE! =D Start with your feet and legs.

I’ll keep you all posted on my results in a couple weeks. =]