Perfect Brows Tutorial

Look Polished Not Painted On

You'll need: 

Brow pencil - one shade lighter than your brows
Brow Powder - same shade as your brows
Angled Brush
Brow Comb
Clear Brow Gel

Pluck and visible strays and brush brows downward.

1. Choose a brow pencil one shade lighter, lightly sketch from the top of the arch to the the tail - photo

2. Use a brow brush/comb to brush the hairs up (it will hide the line you just made) using the brow pencil you just used, sketch from the inner corner of your brow to the tail, connecting the to the top line. (Your top inner corners will be left bare for a more natural look)

3. Dip an angled brush into brow powder (color should match your brow hairs) in a sweeping motion across your entire brow. This step fills any gaps in a soft, natural looking way.

4. Grab your brow brush/comb again and brush in an up and out motion to remove any excess powder. Finish and set your brows with a clear brow gel. 

I love the Smashbox Brow Tech powder in Blonde. What's your favorite brow kit?