Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fun safe holiday! I was chatting with my best friend Chelsey the other day and she was talking about how she desperately needed to go shopping, she didn't have anything to wear (after just having a baby) and she hadn't been shopping in FOREVER! So I started thinking, "You shouldn't have to go shopping every time a new season hits and all the things you have just aren't in style anymore". I used to shop this way, super loud pieces that could be worn once-in-a-while and then after a few months, they're done, retired, nixed. I've gotten really good at mixing and matching lately, and let me tell you, it is a million times easier to find something to wear, and I don't find myself bored of everything in my closet. It's like going to a school where you have to wear a uniform, you pick out a top, bottoms, maybe a jacket or a cardigan, some shoes and you're done! That's seriously how easy it should be, and it is! Change up your outfits and spice them up with flashy jewelry and fun shoes! Anywho, long story short, Chels made me think of this little post (and it's also what she got for Christmas from me. =] ). 

  • Black Tank
    • Great for layering under a blazer or cardigan (link photo below also comes in black)
  • Short Sleeve Black Tee
    • Can be dressed up or down and hardly ever age. In my opinion, smart to invest in good quality.  
  • 2 White Button Downs - One Cotton & One Silky
    • These have to be one of my favorite things to wear for a business meeting or just a casual day to church. They go great with jeans, so easy to throw under a blazer and they're so crisp and classic. 

  • Black Blazer
    • Slim fitting and stretch (if you can find it!). So easy to throw on in a pinch. 
  • Black Dress 
    • LBD is a cliche obviously for a reason; it's a necessity
  • Cropped Jacket
    • Leather/Faux Leather is one of my faves! I always feel super edgy when I wear mine! hahah
  • Pencil Skirt
    • Just long enough to graze the tops of your knees
  • Black Pants
    • Boot cut is most flattering | When I worked in the office more, I wore theses ALL the time. The stretch makes them super comfortable and wearable all day. 
  • Ballet Flats
    • Practical yet sophisticated! I'm a sucker for flats on those days where I just don't have it in me to stomp around in some pumps. These Tieks are simply amazing. I've had bad flats before, not all flats are the same. 
  • Basic Black Pumps
    • Worn to the office....everyday. These Vince Camuto Black Pumps are the comfiest pair I've ever owned. I've had mine for 2 years, I wore them everyday to the office and continue to wear them frequently. They still look brand new. 

Easy peasy! Obviously throughout the different seasons a few pieces will be added, like a down vest for winter/fall. But these are the essentials that (in my opinion) will be needed all year round.