Go GREEN with your Beauty Products

We were on vacation with some friends a couple weeks ago and we were chatting about how all of a sudden our generation has these weird illnesses and allergies. She explained how we even have to be careful with what lotions, shampoos and conditioners we use because even though we aren't ingesting them through our mouth, the chemicals that these large companies put in their products still get into our bodies through our skin. Of course it makes sense, duh, but that had never cross my mind! I'm slowly but surely going through the daily products I use and seeing where I can make an adjustment. Luckily a ton of large companies are getting smart and switching to this eco-friendly, green trend that's gaining a lot of traction lately. 

I ran across this company 100% Pure..... and the reviews on this stuff is INSANE! Literally, I almost didn't believe it. I kept reading and even their internet reviews are great (reviews not on their site). All their products are, 100% Pure. lol They even have baby products! I ordered some shampoo, conditioner, vitamin C serum, baby wash and baby lotion. I'm not quite ready to part with my makeup products yet. =| Although they did get awesome reviews as well!

I just ordered so I'll keep you updated on my opinion of the products! =] Take care and have a great day!!