I've been getting lots of questions about my tan so I thought I would share with you all the products I love! I used to be a tanning salon addict, I worked at one in high school and I literally tanned every day. It's been about 2 years since I last tanned in a tanning bed because my dermatologist told me I had signs of premature aging! I'm 25 and that really freaked me out. 

Living in Arizona it's impossible not to to have contact with the sun so I feel like I have a year-round tan regardless but I really love being tan so here are the sunless tanning products that I love most! =]

Sally Hansen Leg Spray is literally the most amazing stuff especially if you waited too long to get a spray tan and now you don't have time to wait the 4-6 hours until you can wash it off. This leg spray is instant and it makes your skin look like its airbrushed. It's insane. It has no yucky smell but I would let it dry completely before putting your clothes on and still be gentle when you're getting dressed. 

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze is a great drugstore/Target sunless tanning product. The smell is really mild and non-existent after you rinse it off. It's light so you don't look like you have a weird tan layer of skin but you still get the sun glow look. It sprays on really nicely out of an aerosol can so you don't have to worry about rubbing it in and potentially getting orange hands! EEK!

Bondi Sands is a really awesome product but I would suggest having some sort of base tan prior to using this product. If you spent the weekend by the pool and have a slight tan, you'd probably be fine but it's a little more intense than the other products. They offer an awesome mitt to rub in the tan so you can save your hands and it goes on sooooo even. It does have a slight smell to it but after you rinse it off it's mostly gone. I really like this color, it leaves me looking like I spent a week in the Caribbean. =]