Day 7 - Snuggle

Happy Saturday! We are 1 week in and I hope this challenge has already positively impacted your marriage.  Today, take the time to snuggle your guy. When is the last time you two just laid in bed, just the two of you and reflected on how amazing the other one is? (That doesn't have to be out load, I find myself slowing down and appreciating things when I'm not distracted with tv, kids, etc.) If you've got kiddos that are up early squirly, find, 5 minutes, uninterupted at some point today to just hug and be close to your husband.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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Day 6 - Be Supportive

When I used to work out of the house I used to come home venting to Troy about everything crazy that happened that day. I know he honestly doesn't care that I had an awful client and so and so did something that bothered me but he listened and pretended to care. Take some time to ask your guy about his day and be genuinely interested about what he shares with you. When is the last time you guys talked about goals together? What are some of his goals for the year? Could you set some goals as a family that you can all work on together? When Troy and I plan and set goals together it brings us closer and we grow together as we tackle them as a team. 

What are some goals you guys set together?


Day 5 - Surprise

Today our challenge is to leave a kind note for our husband. It can say anything you want it to say. I love reminding my husband how much I love and appreciate him and I always leave something silly at the end of my notes. I like to leave notes on the seat of his truck so I know he won't overlook it. 

What are some ways we can encourage our husbands and let them know we appreciate them?