Date Night // Bowlen Wedding

Since Baby Logan graced us with her presence almost 4 weeks ago Troy and I have been so blessed to have been able to share these first few weeks at home together with the baby. Most men have very limited time off when the baby arrives and having Troy here every day to learn what to do with this little angel of ours has been amazing. Although we’ve spent every waking moment together the last few weeks, it has been all about Logan. And rightfully so, but we both strongly believe that it is SO important to maintain a healthy relationship between the two of us which calls for a date night. Before Logan was born we agreed to set aside at least 1 date night per month, if we can squeeze in a couple more, great! But at least 1 night a month. 

Our first date night came rather quickly, she still seems sooo tiny to be leaving her, but it was much needed. Last night we attended the wedding of our good friends Erin and Ben Bowlen. My older sister Jenny and my niece Ella were beyond willing to spend the evening with Logan while Troy and I went out and celebrated with our friends. I was not at all nervous leaving my little one with my sister, which made for an amazing evening with my guy. 

Erin looked absolutely stunning and Ben looked so sharp. =] Congrats my beautiful love birds! 

My bestie Chelsey and the beautiful Mrs. Erin Bowlen!

I’ve heard from so many new parents that they talk about doing a date night all the time but never actually get around to it. The way we’re going to keep ourselves a priority is to buy LivingSocial Deals and Groupon Deals for our favorite restaurants as well as new ones we haven’t tried yet. That way there are no excuses for “not having a place to go”, and the deals all have expiration dates so we’ll be more apt to actually go!
I hope you all are having an amazing weekend! =]