Daily Routine

One of my amazing followers, Zaina, asked how I balance working, being a mommy, working out, my relationships, keeping myself together - and asked for a daily routine breakdown. Soooo here it is! =]

Monday through Friday it's typically the same thing unless I'm traveling or working on a special project at work. 

4.15AM Snooze my alarm... about 3-6 times depending on how sleepy I am. =x (sorry Troy)

4.40AM I usually drag myself out of my warm, cozy bed. Make some coffee and oatmeal and then get ready.

5.30AM If I'm lucky and haven't tried on 10 outfits before deciding on one - I'm on my way to either Dunkin' or Starbucks depending on what I'm in the mood for. I love a good Caramel Macchiato or Mocha Latte. mmmm =]

DRIIIIIIIVE - actually sit in traffic for anywhere between 35 and 50 minutes. 

3.45PM Head home from work and sit in some more lovely traffic.

5.00PM Get home and love on my baby Lolo Bug, Troy Bear and Presley Dog. (hah yes we all have animal nicknames, except Presley..she really is a big dog friend!)

5.15PM Eat a little snack, drink a protein shake and workout in the garage/sing and dance to entertain Logan. Tuesday-Friday are the days I usually workout, Mondays I get home and just start making dinner. 

6.15PM Shower

6.45PM Make Dinner

7.30PM Feed Logan, give her a bath and read her a book. 

8.00PM Put Logan down for bed, do my hair so I don't have to do it in the morning. 

8.30PM Relax with Troy for a little bit. We usually watch some brainless TV or lay in bed and talk about our day. =]

9.30PM I'm usually dead to the world. lol. 

Weekends are always hectic and different. But all around the weekdays usually go like this! =]

It's tiring and exhausting at times but it comes down to prioritizing and being organized. I'm definitely not the most organized person but I feel so much more sane when I am and it makes getting all these things done so much easier. 

As far as working out - it's definitely not the first thing I want to do when I get home but it is a great feeling once I've finished my workout, I'm seeing the results I want to see and I feel that setting an example of a healthy lifestyle for my child is important. 

For all you mommies struggling to incorporate fitness in your daily life - pick up some at home workouts you can do before bed or before your morning shower. You CAN do it! =]