Day 4 - Pray

Welcome to Day 4 of our 30-Day Becoming a Better Wife Challenge. I think it can be easy to underestimate the power of prayer. Let's tap into that and be in their corner. Here are some ways you can pray for your husband:

Pray for his relationship with God - "Open his heart to you God, bless him and shape him into the man that you created him to be."

Pray that he would be a spiritual leader for your family - "Bless him with strength and wisdom to lead our family with love, grace, and humility."

Pray for your relationship - "Bless us with wisdom and patience to love each other the way you designed us to. Protect and strengthen our marriage and bring us closer to you and closer to each other."

Pray for him as a man - "Allow him to see his worth and his value. Show me how to recognize his efforts and struggles to support him and lift him up."

I challenge you to write down your prayers for your husband and revisit them frequently. I'm always pleasantly reminded of how God follows through on our needs. 

What are some other ways we can pray for our husbands?