4-Week Shape Up Plan // Week 2

Congrats on making it to week 2! You should be proud of yourself, you've made it this far. Have you written down your goals lately!? Definitely write them down if you haven't already - make a goal board or a motivation board somewhat like 

this one here

 to keep you on track and motivated. I'm in the middle of making mine as we speak and I'll be sure to put it up as soon as I finish!

Put your 

motivation board

 in a high-traffic area so that you'll walk by it and see it numerous times throughout the day. Statistics have shown that people who write down their goals and make them visible are more likely to accomplish them. =]

Week 2

Make sure you're adequately stretching and warming up before completing your exercises - you don't want to injure yourself by working with cold muscles.

Day 1

No Equipment Arm Work Out

30 minutes of cardio - jogging, swimming, cycling - get your heart pumping!

Day 2

Butt, Legs and Thighs Work Out

Day 3

Full Body, No Equipment Workout

8 Minutes to 6-Pack Abs

 - this one is absolutely killer but you'll love the pay off

Day 4

No Equipment CrossFit Workout

Day 5

Intense 50

Day 6

HIIT 100

 - I'm pretty sure you will hate me after this workout. It gets me every.time.

Day 7

Rest - you're going to need it after that last 

HIIT 100 workout

Week 1 Shape Up Plan