Diet Fail - 8 Signs Your Diet Isn't Working

You all know I don't believe in diets, I believe that being healthy is a lifestyle and it takes some discipline to say no to the daily bagel stop in the morning and choose a healthier alternative like oatmeal instead. If however, you are on a diet, here are the tell-tale signs that it may not be working and you should re-evaluate. 

1. Weight Gain

If you're gaining weight right off the bat - take a step back. (I'm on one today, already!) Start a 'food journal' and write down everything you eat AND DRINK to see where you could be overdoing it. 

2. Lack of Energy

If you find yourself sleepy with no energy to do your normal things, you're most likely not getting the right food and nutrients. Your body relies on proper nutrients to fuel your daily activities. 

3. You're Constantly Hungry

A lot of women think less food means a smaller waist, and that's definitely not the case (am I rhyming again!? hahah). If you're eating and still feeling hungry, you need to eat more - as long as it's a healthy choice of course. 

4. Mood Swings

Oh yes. We have a friend who goes on these crash diets around summer time to really slim down - needless to say he's a bit testy. If you're going from snappy one minute and the next you're in a normal mood, you may want to include foods that actually boost your mood. 

5. Food on the Brain 24/7

If you're spending the day thinking about your next meal, this again is another sign that you aren't getting enough of the right food and nutrients. 

6. Eating in Secret

If you're hiding what you're eating this is an indicator that you're diet isn't working but also could be the start of an eating disorder. If you find yourself doing this, please talk to your doctor or a loved on and seek medical help to get to the root of the problem.

7. Always Sick

A healthy diet should never make you sick. If you've been feeling under the weather more often lately, your body may not be getting the proper vitamins and nutrients it needs to combat illness.

8. You Can't Say 'NO' 

Finding yourself in deep temptation - that's a sign that you're completely depriving yourself of treats opening the door for 'relapsing' and undoing all your hard work. A cheat day once a week, is a MUST in my book!


If you're confused about what to eat for a healthy diet, check out my Clean Eating Ebook - Healthy Lifestyle Guide to Becoming Fit. We've been hearing awesome results from the meal plans!